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Slovak hand-made Ergonomic Baby Carrier, that grows with your baby.


ZumbuccaOnbu is a kind of a carrier adjustable in length and width without a waist belt. It´s designed for short distances transfer of bigger children, that can sit on their own.


It is suitable from 4 months to approximately 3 years of age (max 20 kg of weight). The carrier is perfect to use also during pregnancy, when moms don´t feel comfortably while using a baby carrier with a waist belt.

Baby´s legs are set in so called „M position“, which ensures correct development of joints and correct posture of spine. Headrest provides a perfect support for baby´s spine. A soft filling around legs secures baby´s comfort and doesn´t press them.

In the upper part you can find a hoodie, which is rolled in order to fix baby´s head in case they fall asleep. You can carry the baby in the front or back position.

Material: 100%cotton+bamboo(inside panel)
Weight: 270 g/m² .


The price  included carrier and a bag for carrier.

ZumbuccaOnbu Little Frog Wildness Foliole