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Our Story

My name´s Zuzka and I´m a mom of a today already 9-year-old Andrej. Thanks to him I discovered the magic of baby carrying and the aim of my work is to make most of you succumb to this magic as well.

I create ergo baby carriers called Zumbucca - 
What exactly does this word mean?

ZU- stands for Zuzka, as a person, that creates the ergo baby carriers.
The second part of the word refers to the word BUCCA, which comes from Latin and it means face, cheek, mouth. Its use in the name of the baby carrier represents one of the basic essences of baby carrying, which is „face to face“.  And M refers to the ergonomic position of the baby's legs while being carried.

Metaphorically said, ZUMBUCCA means „Zuzka carries face to face.“ ;)

To everyone who...

This page is for everyone who is interested in certified hand-made Slovak ergonomic baby carriers called ZUMBUCCA.

This page is also a place where you can buy our products.

You can also buy our ergonomic carriers at various workshops, where we participate.

We don´t want to slide into manufacture while creating our products and finish as a line production.
That´s the reason why I (author od the carrier) started to create every baby carrier as an original piece and we follow this idea with other skilled mums.


Sewing is our hobby, occupation, joy, and passion.

We´re happy to be able to create for you and for your children!

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Do you want to hear more about our work? Listen to the audio HERE

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