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All you need to know for custom Zumbucca carriers

We create your new Zumbucca carriers also from your own wraps (based on mutual agreement that wrap is suitable for sewing)

Fabric consumption:

Size 0+ and Original: 2,5m scrap (width min 65cm, 2,7m for narrow wraps)

Size XXL, 3XL: 2,7 m scrap (width min 65cm, 2,9m for narrow wraps)

Tai: 4,6m

Mini: 0,5m

Please note, that consuption may be higher for some bigger special patterns or patterns that can´t be placed upside down. For special needs, please let us know in advance.

Wrap can be both new (washed, ironed) or used.

Gsm min.230, max. 290g/m2 best 100% cotton, for other gsm and blend please contact us to discuss.

Special custom carriers

We have experience with twins, big children, disabled children and many other special situations. Please let us know and we will do our best to meet the need of you and your child.

Everything you need to know if you want to sew a carrier from your own wrap (scrap):

There´s a possibility of tailoring an Ergonomic Baby Carrier from your own wrap after a mutual agreement.


We need 2-3 meters of a wrap, from which Zumbucca wasn´t sewn before

(width of the wrap – min.65 cm) or 2,5 meters (width of the wrap – less than 65 cm).

The wrap can be new or used (min. weight 230 g/m2, max weight 280 g/m2, 100%cotton)
The wrap needs to be washed and ironed before dispatching (as the material can shrink).

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