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Review of Zumbucca Twin – tandem ergonomic babycarrier for twins or siblings

Zumbucca Twin... double babycarrier, that can be split into two single carriers, but at the same time you can easily combine them into one. You can carry twins, but also two babies of different size. We adjust back panel based on your needs.

Hip belt... firm, it is needed because of the double weight you carry. You can carry one hip belt on another, or click them together.

I like carrying my back baby higher, therefore I wear them separately. Clicking them together is very useful in summer, because you don´t have that much material around your waist.

Back panel... my case is the same on both carriers, adjusted to my 18 months old twins, (80 cm, 9 kg), it is a bigger version of Original size, and it should last them untill I will be able to carry them. Size can be made based on a size of your children. Back panel height can be adjusted, as well.

Shoulder straps...

...of a front carrier are removable, which is the best advantage of this carrier. While tandem carry, we remove shoulder straps totally and from the front carrier, we leave only the hip belt and back panel, which we click on the back carrier. That means, you have just one set of shoulder straps on your shouldes.

Front carrier is clicked on the back carrier on 4 spots, two buckles are on the top of the back panel and two buckles are on sides. Thanks to those two side buckles, you can put the baby in ergonomic position very well, too. It is not mandatory to fasten the side buckles, too, but it is very comfortable for longer carrying.

I like that all the buckles are safety ones. It is not possible that child would unbuckle itself.

Adjusting the carrier is a bit more advanced, of course, you adjust two carriers and there is more buckles, straps and ways what to buckle...but it is just a matter of experience.

I have tried the carrier with 18 kgs, and it was very comfortable even after one hour of wearing. It is absolutely great, well-made carrier, moreover practical also for quick ups.

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