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EN- Zumbucca Ergonomic Baby Carrier description

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

ZUMBUCCA – Slovak hand made Ergonomic Baby Carrier

It is adjustable in width and length, suitable from newborn to approximately 4 years of age.

Baby's legs are set in so called „M position“, which ensures correct development of joints and correct posture of spine. Headrest provides a perfect support for baby's spine. A soft filling around legs secures baby's comfort and doesn't press them. In the upper part you can find a hood, which is rolled in order to fix baby's head in case they asleep. The hood is adjustable.

You can carry the baby in the front, back or even side position. Thanks to the sufficient length of the straps, is the carrier suitable for every type of the figure.

For more comfortable carrying, you can even cross the straps on your back.

Waist belt is also secured by the buckle in order to prevent accidental opening.



Height without waist belt: 32-44 cm Width of the back panel in the waist belt part: 27-43 cm Width of the straps: 8 cm Length of the waist belt: 65-150 cm


Why Zumbucca?

  1. Originality. Every baby carrier is a high quality original piece, made in Slovakia.

  2. Variability. Zumbucca is adjustable in height and width, suitable from newborn (size 0+) to approximately 4 years of age (size 4XL).

  3. Accessories. It is the only carrier that offers the possibility of creating the accessories ( purse for the waist belt, slobber, bag for the carrier, mini Zumbucca), in the same design, so that you can create a stylish set.


Zumbucca Carrier complies with the international and qualitative norm for the ergonomic carriers EN 13209-2:2015. By buying this product you support a Slovak producer.

IMPORTANT: There is no need to wash the baby carrier before the first use, as it is already washed and ironed by the producer before being dispatched. When dirty, we recommend to wash the baby carrier by hand or in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Use the gentle wash cycle or the hand wash cycle. Please ensure all buckles are fastened before washing. We recommend to place the baby carrier into the the pillow case before washing. Do not bleach, tumble dry, dry clean, do not use optical brighteners, chemical detergents or fabric softener. When ironing, please use the lowest temperature

  • Tip: Ironing is easier, if the the baby carrier is not completely dry. Avoid straps and buckles, they may melt under the iron.

  • Tip: To avoid unnecessary stains, use protectors for the straps.

  • Tip: Wash with ultra sensitive baby detergent. Avoid softeners.


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